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Red Sky at Night
Yesterday's sunset was quite something.

Sunset Over the Rec

Evening Sky

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So lovely! I was noticing how gorgeous that sunset sky looked last night but I must say I was a bit distracted by what was going on at Westminister to get a shot of it. Again, great capture! :0)

I only just got to photograph it myself, and I wasn't distracted by rioting students. The sky had been wonderful from 3:00 but, unfortunately, I was in the car delivering Ina to Newbury Park tube, a journey that took 35 minutes when it normally takes 15. It took me 20 to get back, and then I had to take the dog for a walk before the light went.

Little Dog Draco has never been inserted into his coat, collar and lead at such speed. I took the photos between throwing his ball!

I had to work a late shift and was busy getting ready at around 4pm. By the time I was walking to the bus stop, I'd missed the best of the display so thank you so much for sharing! ;0)

Great pics. I love those salmon skies. They look so improbable - vaguely alien.

Aren't the reflections off the clouds wonderful?

That's really lovely. I like the darkness of the bare tree branches contrasted against it.

I don't comment on your photos often enough because when we're home our connection is too slow for me to take the time to look at them, most of the time.

But when I do see them...

Wow, you take pretty pictures.


Wow, striking! Haven't seen a sunset like that for a while.

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