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One Good Use for Frost
It hadn't occurred to me, until yesterday, that the very, very best time to photograph wood carvings is when they have frost on them. Because it forms at the outside edges, it makes those edges clearer. Here are some examples, from the 'Woodhenge' carvings in Hainault Forest Country Park.




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These are lovely! I adore wood sculptures like this.

There's a lot of good wood carving in Hainault Forest Country Park. Redbridge Council go in for outdoor art (must get round to posting the odd stuff in Claybury Park. Woodhenge, a circle of nine large carvings - between eight and ten feet tall - is used as a teaching aid.

Next time you're down here we'll go for a walk round the Country Park.

Public art - and rather good. The whole collection, Earth and Fire/Wind/Water/Human Intervention plus the Forest animals and one with fossils is used as a teaching aid.

Those are absolutely gorgeous.

I'm very fond of the Woodhenge carvings. Previous attempts to photograph them didn't work as well.

The photos came out very nicely; I see what you mean about the frost.

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