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By gum, is Morgana auditioning for top bitch????

The answer being, "Yes, she is."

Desperate attempt to return to canon.

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Yes, but Arthur still wins that contest.

I love all her evil facial expressions. I wonder how much fan mail Katie McGrath gets compared to Bradley James. I'm sure she gets the most on the show. A bit like Michael Rosenbaum got the most on Smallville. Badies get all the best lines! :)


You really, really, really DON'T WANT TO KNOW about active fans.

Active Fans? I REALLY want to know! :0/

Fans who write fanfic, do analysis, frequent facebook and various LJ comms, go to conventions, form fan clubs, collect photographs, comment all over the shop...

A majority of active media fandom feels that the internet is for porn. Think every single character in the series, and you can be sure that a large number of people are writing porn for every single combination you can think of. Some of that will include Morgause/Morgana and I know for a fact a very large portion is Arthur/Merlin - probably larger than the number who write Arthur/Gwen. And, because nothing squicks some of these people, there will also be Arthur/Morgana.

I said you didn't want to know.

Eeeewww!! I think I need to take a shower. Sorry I asked. :0/

Ina has just told me something about the fanfic for this series that made even me go "Eeeeewwww!"

I once joined a 'Smallville' community on LJ hoping to chat about the show but it was all full of the sort of smut you've mentioned re Chloe & Green Arrow long before the ever hooked up for real in Series 9. I quit that com after just a couple if months! :0/

She was rather going for the Evilist of Evil Award. Which is okay, but I do wish for a little more context as to why she'd changed so much. Even a few flashbacks to her year away and Morgause gradually getting to her would do.

Rest of the ep I thought was very good, and nice to see Sir Leon survive, plus Gaius was awesome at the end. I was afraid they might kill him off at one point :-)

Yes, I agree - but, to be honest, the series isn't particular good on character motivation.

True :-) Her conversion to evil taking place pretty much off-screen in her year away is the problem, really. And nobody has really asked her, Why?

I agree with lil_shepherd that the series does fall down on motivation - still the number of evil faces that she pulled this series. Not the world's most subtle actress. I kept wanting someone to turn around fast and catch her.

Yes, they did seem to want to return to something resembling canon and I did feel quite moved by the Lady in the Lake scene.

I long ago stopped expecting it to mesh with canon, so was quite surprised when we got the grail and the Lady of the Lake. It's always been a bit curate's egg for me, but this season has generally had more good than bad, I think.

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