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Pretty Snow, and a Dog
The main problem - but what makes the photos interesting and different from last year's December snow, is that there are still leaves on some of the trees - like this oak.

Oak in the Snow

Snow on the Leaves

Reach for the Sky

We did get a touch of sunlight...

The sun breaks through 1

I did promise you a dog.


This is Bella - and it is the first photo I have managed to snatch of her, despite having known her since she was ten weeks old. This is because she never stops moving, even when on the lead - in fact, particularly when on the lead. Today was the first time she had seen snow, her native element. I do love Siberian Huskies, but they aren't dogs anyone finds easy to train...

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Isn't she beautiful? As are the photos.

Siberians are probably my favourite dogs, but I know better than to get one. They will lick you to death, but kill anything that runs. (A chap I knew who owned twelve of them, and raced them, remarked, mournfully, "My neighbours used to keep rabbits, until the postman left the gate open.") They pull like crazy, need masses of exercise, and are totally untrainable. Bella is wonderful, but, though she is less than eight months old, she can drag her strong, tall male owner pretty much off his feet. And does.

From my acquaintance will them, they will also sit on your feet until they (the feet) are ready to drop off from lack of circulation.

They are the original dogs that the Inuit used to throw on the bed when it got too cold,,,

Beautiful photos - love the sunlight through the trees, really lovely. As is the husky. :)

I'd probably enjoy meeting Bella, and that certainly is a good picture of her.

Draco, Ina and I always enjoy meeting Bella.

These are all lovely. Sorry I couldn't comment earlier but I was at work. Safe at home now but I'm off tomorrow so will head up to my local park to capture some snow pics. ;0)

Lovely pictures - I like the oak.

Bella... she's very beautiful. I love their eyes. (Lucius'd have eyes like those, colourwise, at least. *grins*)

If I ever get a farm far enough from people who'd otherwise go insane from their howling, I want huskies. Together with the salukis, and perhaps do some husky/saluki crosses. And then I'm going to race them. I've seen those husky-lurcher-types, and OMG! They're fast, unstoppable, enduring - and kills anything that moves. But in a race... yeah...They can do that.

Strangely enough, my salukis never killed anything, and the one time they tried (rabbit on a lead) I just asked them to stop and come back. Rabbit was luckily unharmed. Perhaps I'm good at that, making dogs listen?

My favourite colour for Sibes is that light pinky colour with blue eyes. It looks stunning.

I love Salukis, too - and Malinois and Borzois...

Gorgeous photos. And such a beautiful dog! My cousins had several huskies until recently and they were a nightmare to keep under control!

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