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Yesterday's Post May Have Been Tempting Fate

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It was inevitable! I'm sitting in crawling traffic on my way to work now. :0/

It's just started coming down in blizzard intensity - and it's on its way towards you!

I don't know what time it started this morning but it's already a couple of cm deep in some places and coming down in semi-blizzard conditions here in Upper Norwood as I sit here on my crawling bus. :0|

Oh it's wrong to laugh ... but I did. At least it doesn't look too thick. And your photos have been warming my days even as they chronicle the cooling of yours.

It's very pretty - but it's also very early and we need to get food in, both for us and the animals.

I'm glad you like the photos.

I thought of your post first thing this morning when I looked out the window!

Actually, so did I! I hope it's [edit]not[edit] worse towards the Forest. You are a bit higher up.

Edit: not worse. What was I thinking?

Edited at 2010-11-30 10:27 am (UTC)

It looks about the same, but it's still snowing.

I love snow! And this isn't very much of it. (I come from a snow-belt state. Snow this wet won't last long: but worse, it'll likely melt today and be slippy tonight.)

Temperatures are not likely to be much above freezing today and tomorrow, so the snow will probably last through until Wednesday (when I have a dental appointment at 10am. *sigh*)

I would be happier with snow if Essex drivers coped with it more like they cope with downpours and flooded roads and less the way they (don't) cope with fog.

We had several inches down already this morning. Deciding discretion was the better part of valour I walked to the train station rather than taking the car. I managed to pick up a bus half way in (they were turning them around at the halfway point rather than taking them up the more interesting roads out our way) and got on a train as soon as I arrived at the station. It was all surprisingly painless.

School is open but low on teachers so P was told he could take the kids home if he wanted. Having got them that far however he ruthlessly abandoned them there so he could try and get to work....

It looked very pretty from the train. Central London is limited to a light dusting on the roofs and not even any sticking to the trees, which is sad but not unanticipated

Yeah, I suspected it was worse out towards the coast.

I've only known it lie with any determination in Central London once, and even then it only lasted a few days. Rule of thumb is that if snow doesn't stop you getting into London there isn't enough to form a covering there.

Lovely weather... It's the same here.

It was certainly a good thing that the heater was done and finished before this started!

Boy, are you telling me!

Thou shalt not defy the gods of snow. They'll dump white stuff on your house. lol

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