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It's too long since we had a Little Dog Draco photo, so...
Throw the ***** ball, already!

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He's such a pretty little dog! <3 Wearing a Slytherin robe, I see. :D

I found it very amusing that Ina, standing there in thickest fleece, woolly hat, thick trousers and gloves, wasn't sure if Draco should wear his coat!


She was probably hoping he'd be so cold that he wouldn't be able to run away. :P

Very selfish and mean of you Ina! Bad Ina!

Actually, if he's cold he can't even be dragged out of the house ;)

The Slytherin green coat is for daytime - in the dark he wears a fluorescent yellow one...

Understandable with the yellow one - he's not easy to spot in the dark, should it happen that he ran away... A slightly distasteful wardrobe is permitted for the sake of his continued good health. ;0)

He's a very photogenic little, um, big guy. (Sorry, Draco) Nice green sweater, too.

Edited at 2010-11-29 02:34 pm (UTC)

That dog fleece is getting more attention than Draco!

That's a very smart coat.



Learned about 'em through Ina's long time subscription to Horse and Hound.

These look rather excellent, thanks!

Draco also has a bright yellow one so we can see him in the dark!

Lol, our last dog we bought a coat for. Once it was on he refused to move a muscle and would *not* leave the house until we took it off again.

Well, Draco was only six months old when we first put a coat on him. He, like all ETTs, has a coarse, water repellent but thin coat - which is very sparse on his chest and belly. He does feel the cold.

What he really hates, though, is rain. Getting him out in the rain is a nightmare.

Our current dog won't go out in rain (although if you can get him out he'll go on a walk once he's out there, unlike the border collie we had who even walked around puddles he hated rain so much). However he's been out in both hail and heavy snow this week. They're *fine*, it's just rain he dislikes ...

Once, we were out in the woods with puppy Draco and it started to rain heavily. Suddenly, he dived under a fallen tree and, while we watched in fascination, dug himself a hole and lay down in it. (He actually was carried home inside inamac's jacket.)

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