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Roding Meadows
Off this morning to take Kurt to the vet to have his teeth fixed. Draco went along in the back of the car so that we could turn up the road into Roding Meadows to give him his walk.

Roding Meadows is one of the few places in England still managed in a totally traditional fashion. The Longhorn cattle had been turned out into the meadows...

Longhorns Grazing

Longhorn Bullock

At the top of the park, near the M11, they were laying the hedges beside the lane. A lovely job they did too.

Newly laid Hedge

Trees aren't the most prominent feature of the meadows, but these were particularly striking.

Gold on the Horizon

Last of the Leaves

Tonight, when we collect Kurt, we take Py to the vet - it looks like the cancer is back, and it needs to be checked that this is indeed the case, and we are not just alarmed about a cyst. Also, whether she needs painkillers. She is losing condition, too.

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I do hope things go well with Py. She's a splendid girl.

When the lab results came back on the masses removed from Py's mammaries in June, the prognosis was six to nine months, and it looks as if that is about right.

Yes, the new mass (hard to find as it is hidden under her right shoulder) is almost certainly aggressive cancer. She has also lost a little weight and is much less... assertive, particularly with Zara, who she despises. In these cases the best thing is to give her painkillers (Metacam, as usual) and watch her. Scott-the-vet will see her in a month or so, and we'll see how it's going.

Kurt, on the other hand, charmed the vet practice and has bounced back quite well from having a large number of teeth removed. (Scott: "I don't know if I ought to count the incisor that was about to fall out of its own accord.")

Poor Py. I know she'll be happy, however much longer she has, though.
And I'm glad to hear Kurt is bouncing.

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