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Misty Morning
A photo taken just this morning, with a long lens, in Hainault Country Park (indeed, just inside the Greater London boundary and looking towards the City.)

Mist Layers

And, a few minutes earlier, in Hainault Forest.

Shafts of Light

This is why I like having a dog - without LDD we wouldn't have seen either, let alone had the photo opportunity.

Photos x-posted to britscape_photo

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Super photos. That second one is really beautiful.

Fantastic light on the last one. Aaah, autumn!

Yeah, my favourite seasons - on mornings like today's, at least.

Those are just lovely, particularly the second one.

Contary as ever, I really like the first one.

You'd already gor me thinking about landscape, and why so few of my photos are, in my terms anyway, landscapes - something to do with how what I like best in landscape is so often the quality which gets lost when you put a frame around it. Your lovely misty photo somehow gets round this problem...

I hadn't realised how few of my photos (or, at least, those taken with digital cameras) would qualify as landscapes (in my personal judgement) until I started looking through them to post to Chad's com.

Beautiful - thank you.

Beautiful photos, especially the one through the trees.

Beautiful pics - I don't know which seems to me more so, the streams of light, or the lifting shawl of mist.

As much as your skill and patience, I admire in you the willingness to take the trouble to carry all that gear. I know I will never take the landscapes I sometimes wish I could, because I settled on a compromise camera: light enough that I would carry it, almost uncomplainingly, most of the time. That choice has cut out the possibility of fine tuning needed for this sort of shot (and there's my case of trembling hand, which comes and goes). It would probably help if I read the manual more carefully, and persisted in editing the shots that have promise. See patience, above, as well as skill.

Good to know LDD has a purpose in life other than to bark and chew and dig! (and to be dead cute, when he's tired enough).

Both these photos were taken on a compact - a Panasonic Lumix TZ 5. Admittedly it's an expensive compact, with a 10x throw, but it is my travel camera of choice. I often do carry the Pentax DSLR, but, as it happens, today it was the compact.

I'm sorry if you've told me before, but I'm only noticing now that we have the same compact. It really is a great travel companion and results are the best I've ever had with a compact so far. Thanks for the mention in one of your earlier comments. :0)

We are not the only ones who carry that compact. There are pro photographers who carry a Panasonic Lumix of one sort or another - as do good amateurs (including you!) on my flist. I believe the new one allows full manual control, which really would put the icing on the cake, as a lack of 'bulb' setting and the fact that you have to go around the houses to control the shutter speed is one of my few complaints.

Thank you for the compliment. I think you are an amazing photographer too! Your pictures inspire me and this post in particular, to head up to Hampstead Heath today and take some Autumn shots while there are still some leaves on the trees up there. Will be posting the best ones soon on my LJ and to britscape_photo aswell.

One camera I have got my eye on is the Lumix DMC-FZ100. it's what they call a step up camera. It's got loads of manual settings and a 24x Optical Zoom. I'm saving up now!

Thank you for the compliment, which I really don't deserve (and I've been taking photographs semi-seriously for 30 years, which helps.) You have 'the eye' - that is, you have the artistic ability to spot what makes a great picture.

The FZ100 is a 'hybrid' - a sort of halfway house between a compact and an SLR. I'm wedded to my SLR (it's actually my third, though the other two were film, and if Digital had not come along I would still be using my Pentax SF7, a camera I adored.) It's an excellent camera, though, and a nice step up from a compact.

I don't think I've always had "The Eye" as you call it but I have been taking pictures for 30 years or so too. Had an Olympus OM10 in the early 80's. I liked it but gave up by the end of the decade due to the expense of film processing and sold all my equipment. Bad move i know now! Never got into self developing as it seemed even more expensive. I know I should have persevered and maybe I may have had a different career.

Got my first ever digital compact in the early 90's. A Canon IXUS 40. Took nearly 10,000 pictures with it till it dropped in the sand at Hengistbury Head. :0( I did however hone my craft in those years so now that I have a better compact, I'm always on the look out for good subject matter. I'm sure you see the world through photographers eyes as well these days! ;0)

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