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It's very, very quiet...
Today we took six cats and a dog to the 'Animal Country Club' prior to the arrival of the new boiler and total chaos. Not that the house isn't already in total chaos. We are going to have to get up very early tomorrow morning, and, even then, we may be running round in circles at the behest of our plumber. The place is a tip. And yet we have thrown masses of paper away, and put even more into the Big Yellow room.

This means that we have one cat - Pyanfar, who is now alone for the first time in her life. Py has not been vaccinated after her cancer operation, and therefore cannot be sent to a cattery. She has so far spent some time in the airing cupboard, spent half an hour wandering around yelling for her hot water bottles (i.e. her son, daughter and grandson, and was fed from the table for the first time in heaven knows how long. Now she realises there is no D-O-G, she is resigned to the loss of her family, and is alternating between laps and the back of the sofa. She now has five days of catty heaven to look forward to.

Not so Ina and me.

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Well, at least one inhabitant will be happy!
Hope it goes well (and Py doesn't get too used to being Queen of all she surveys).

She occasionally calls for her missing furry hot water bottles, but is very content to be with us in the sitting room after Brian has gone.

Ouch. People coming into your house like that is a nightmare! You have my condolences.

We have discovered an inspection hatch into the pipework we didn't know we had, but now have rather more holes than we would have wanted, though Brian the Heating Engineer and Steve-his-boss are doing their best to make it as painless as they can.

Unfortunately, this process involves removing the old central heating boiler from its position in the centre of the house and putting in a new condensing boiler flued to an outside wall in the ex-garage, with all the pipework that entails, and removing the old hotwater tank and the shower pump (which is hidden behind panelling in the bathroom) so there is much cutting through plasterboard...

Oh, that sounds like all kinds of fun -- for Py. lol

Py has evening laps in a warm room. She has been fed from the table for the first time since the D-O-G arrived. Happy kitty.

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