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For those of you who are UK residents/visitors of a photographic bent or interested in landscape photographs of the UK, and are not already friends of lapswood and have therefore not seen his announcement, he has just set up a new British landscape photography community for photos of British landscape (must ask him if we can include pics of the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland etc.) There are already some excellent photographer members.

Take a look at britscape_photo

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Yes indeed! Pictures from N. Ireland, The Isle of Mann and the Channel Islands are all welcome it's just that my community sounded better and was within the max letter limit as britscape_photo. So all folk who live or have taken pictures in those locations are welcome! :0)

I should hope so. All these places names are geographically constituent within the British Isles (well, the Channel Islands are by tradition rather than geography, but none the less...), even if they're not part of Britain-the-political-entity.

I'm sorry if I gave the impression that some folk within the UK were not welcome. They always were but as this is the first community I've created and maintained, I'm very sorry that I didn't make that clear up front. I look forward to seeing your pictures displayed on the page. :0)

Lordie, no: not that impression at all. I was kinda taking it for granted that the whole British Isles were welcome: just spelling out (because I'm a pedant, mostly) that the British Isles encompass a whole lot more than Great Britain. All those Irish folk for a start, and then the outlying islands, and and and...

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