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I should get closer to those leaves, he said.
Gold and Silver

Red Maple


Beech and Hornbeam

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mmmm, fall colors. I really miss Michigan in the fall.

We don't get anything like the intense colour you do in the States - there aren't a lot of maples around here, and the oaks and horse chestnuts and beech tend to dirty brown. However, there is a lot of yellow locally.

These are lovely - especially the middle two! I've been aiming for something similar, but not really getting there:


Secret of the middle two is to find a field maple, which might be over the top in your part of country.

Ah, yes - though the sycamores do their best!

Yes - lovely bright yellow. They are maples, of course.

Wow, those are splendid! The leaves are coming off the trees here tonight, there are drifts everywhere, but not half as pretty as yours.

Ah, but that is the hornbeams and that we have a few field maples on one of the main Hainault forest tracks.

I love autumn so much, and this is one of the reasons. Gorgeous colours and wonderful pictures.

Living close to a couple of ancient forests (though both are now very limited in extent) has its advantages.

Beautiful Colours! I love the vast variations of leaf shapes.

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