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Strange Days
It has been a very odd day so far.

This morning, inamac and I took 'her' cat, Casino, on his final trip to the vet. Actually, I paid for Casino, and Ina paid for Ellie, his litter sister, but they made up their own minds as to which of them owned us. My lovely little Ellie had to be put to sleep three years back, when her mouth problems became too great. Two years ago, we thought we were going to lose Casino, too, when he came down with severe pancreatitis. He recovered, but since then he has been living on borrowed time.

For the last few days he has refused to eat, with even chicken, raw beef or tuna failing to tempt him. Already thin, he became skeletal. His eyes filled with pus. The purr machine finally broke down. He was coughing badly, and was highly dehydrated, despite spending hours sitting next to the water bowl. He abandoned Ina's bed for a place on the floor next to the radiator.

It was time. The vet agreed absolutely. Cas probably had a few more days to live, but letting him starve to death was not a prospect we could even consider.

After we got back, we took the dog for a walk, and promptly came across what appeared to be the contents of a handbag, covered in white powder and minus everything valuable except the keys. Those we lifted and bagged, and, once back in the village, phoned the cops. After a long fight about whether the Essex force covered this area (me: oh yes, you do) I reported the find and that I had the keys and this was my phone number and address. (Normally, I could have taken said keys to the local station myself, but Ina is using the car this weekend for a Harry Potter do just outside Lavenham. The cops promised to phone and send a community copper round - however, my suspicion is that the mugging or whatever it was took place elsewhere, and I might never hear anything again. In which case the keys go in to the cop shop next Tuesday.)

Soon I will be alone with seven kitties and a hyperactive dog, with lots of work to be getting on with.
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It's always sad when a cat has to make the final trip. But as you say, better that than needless suffering.

Singapuras are not a long-lived breed. Cas would have been fifteen in November, which made him the second-oldest cat of his breed in the country. The other, a girl, is older than him by a few months.

I'm so sorry about Casino. But, yes, better helped on his way with kindness.

Thank you. This has not been a good year for older cats, has it?

Sorry to hear about Casino. But he had a much-loved life.

He was the most accident prone kitten you ever met, yet he lived to a ripe old age.

Condolences to you and inamac for Casino.

My condolences on your loss.

Oh I'm so sorry about the Casino, but it sounds like the right thing to do.

The bag situation just sounds bizarre.

I daresay Ina will blog about Casino when she comes back from this HP Halloween do. He was a great cat, but he had a great life.

We speculated that the white powder was a drug of some kind, but we've had no contact from the cops yet.

I'm so sorry about Casino. I was hoping he'd last a bit longer for you guys. Having just gone through that a few months ago, I know how painful it is. But it's always the right choice when it becomes apparent it must be done.

We never expected him to survive next winter. It just came a little early.

Sorry to hear about Casino, but when it's time, it's time, and it's a mercy to them though a sadness to you.

Argh, I'm sorry. It sounds like 'odd' mostly constitutes 'stressful in various ways'.

Here's hoping 'odd' mean 'peculiarly brilliant' in days to come...

Stress? Stress? Don't talk to me about stress? Incidentally, the dog is being abnormally good without Ina. Should I worry, I ask myself?

Sorry to hear about Casino, but at least he had a good long, happy life first.

I imagine your mysterious handbag's owner will be glad to get her keys back, if nothing else.

If she's reported it. If all that white stuff is something nasty, she might not.

You're both such good humans for your animals, but that doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye. Still, a good innings is some comfort.

Yes, the good innings is a comfort. The one that really hurts is little Kero, who was such a sweet cat, and who was put down under the knife because of cancer. She never asked for much - just a lap and the occasional treat...

I'm glad to hear that the police are being their usual useful and efficient selves in every part of the country.

And I am so sorry about Casino. All the 'it's for the best' in the world doesn't make up for the loss.

Now, now, what is Judy going to say about you being sarky about her employers...?

We'll miss Cas.

Sad news, he was a splendid cat of character, and he had a long and luxurious life with you and Ina. I know what it's like - any of us who have taken cats into their family have been there and share your loss. Condolences to you both.

Of course Draco's being good - he knows you're hurting inside. But I doubt it'll last...

Of course Draco's being good - he knows you're hurting inside. But I doubt it'll last...

It hasn't. *grin*

All our cats - and, as I remember them, yours - have far too much character for their own good.

I'm sorry about Casino; when it gets that bad, you have to put a stop to it, not hope any more; but it's hard to do.

In this case, it was Ina's decision - all I could do was be supportive.

I'm so sorry for your loss - it's just as tough losing a kitteh to old age as to any other reason, they do take a piece of our hearts with them when they go.

Thank you. If I had been in Casino's state I would have welcomed death.

One small thing to be thankful for is that this does not upset the kitty community, as Cas just ignored the rest of the bunch and they ignored him. He was much more human (Ina) orientated. I shudder to think what will happen when Py goes - and that'll probably be measured in months, though she seems okay at the moment.