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Writer's Block: Above and beyond
What do you think happens after you die?

To the world? How the heck would I know? I can't see the future.

To humanity? Possible if not probable extinction in the next couple of hundred years, I suspect, but I'll never know so don't really care.

To me? I'll be dead. There will be no life and all the cells in my brain and therefore my mind will have ceased to function, but I won't know anything about it.

Soul? Don't make me laugh. There is no such thing, and no evidence that there has ever been any such thing. The 'afterlife' or 'reincarnation' are pure wishful thinking.

Live your life to the full, because it's all you've got.

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Agreed. Life is not a rehearsal.

That's a really neat way of putting it!

Hear, hear!

If there were an afterlife, the concept that appeals to me is reincarnation of the "you live the life you earned on the last round, and you keep doing it until you reach enlightenment" variety. I also like the oscillating-universe theory of cosmology. However, I'm smart enough to realize that just because I find something personally appealing does not mean it has to be true.

I, also, would really, really like something like reincarnation to be true. The idea of a soul is rather appealing too. Unfortunately....

Yeah, isn't it?! Made by oakandashandthorn. She posted a load of Death icons, and I grabbed couple.

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