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Sunday Morning, 9am
I have been sitting here since 6:45, having previously treated the cats, got up, taken the dog out into the garden, fed him, made tea and had breakfast, and have listening to F1 engines and occasionally watching a bit of racing when they decide to let them out from behind the safety car. It has to be said that Schumy is driving a heck of a race, and one does feel for Rosberg.

Nico Hulkenberg is a hunk. (Okay, this is cradle snatching in a big way, but hell, why not.)

Last night we spent watching DVDs. In particular, the brand new re-mastered version of Night of the Demon and a damn good job they made of both sound and vision too. It really is an excellent movie. One of the greats. Interesting that it was made to be an X-rated movie, and is now PG. How things have changed!

Also watching one of the Dalziel and Pascoe episodes taken from an original Hill novel, Child's Play. Not to go into detail, but why on Earth change one of Hill's lovely complex plot endings? Particularly when, up until then, it had been reasonably faithful. Hill's ending is better.
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What an amazingly eventful race. What I didn't see is how Alonso got back past Hamilton after the tyre nut problem in his pit stop. :0/

As I remember it, Hamilton nearly lost it on a corner, letting Alonzo through.

Oh my! If it wasn't for that error, do you think Hamilton could have fended off Alonso till the end?

I doubt it. Hamilton, for all his usual skill in the wet, didn't seem to have the set-up today.

LOL, you're definitely cradle snatching. *g*

Little Felipe on the podium and Schumacher in fourth. I'm pretty pleased about both of those things. I'm not keen on Vettel (too pouty and whiny for my liking), but I'd be happy with Webber or Alonso for the championship.

Wasn't that engine of Vettel's that blew up brand new?

I'm not an Alonzo fan, myself, remembering his whinging at McLaren. I'd like to see Webber win the championship, but don't think it's going to happen.

I'm not much of an Alonzo fan, but I prefer him to Vettel. My first preference would have been for Webber, but that is looking a bit unlikely now.

Yes, I think it was.

I think Webber had a new engine for this race and Vettel has been recycling for a couple now.

We are pro-Webber here, too, though Alonso is our second fave, being tifosi from way back. I think Mark still has a good chance if they can keep the car reliable, Alonso has tended to win when others have come to grief, whereas Webber has tended to win from the front of the grid when he can get there.

If not Lewis this year then I'd like to see Mark Webber win his 1st World Championship.

LOL, anyone but Lewis is fine by me! But Webber would be my first choice at the moment.

HEE! I was just thinking that as he sat there with his immaculate hair during the delayed start. WHAT a race! Poor Webber, poor Rosberg, and Schumi was terrific. I am not going to continue with my poor drivers because you may be watching on delay, but it is SO exciting!

(Deleted comment)

Re: Night of the Demon?

Bit difficult to say, as I haven't seen your copy - but the sound is superb and the focus very crisp. It's a heck of a sight better than any TV broadcast I've seen, or my off-air video copy. I daresay someone on Amazon will comment on whether the transfer makes it worth upgrading.

The extras are... odd. They include the American cut of the film and some gallery stills, together with a nicely researched set of viewing notes. Not enough to make you want to get this 'special edition' on their account. I bought it for the upgrade from off-air video.

As I am extremely sad, I got up at 5.45am and watched the whole build-up. Yesterday I watched the replay of the quali and got spoiled by red button banners. Well worth the effort though, despite the delays. While I felt they were a little over-cautious on the track conditions regarding the starts, I did wonder if they were perhaps pushing conditions at the end. Where's Dickie Bird when you need him?

Yes, Christian Horner said afterwards that that engine was coming to the end of its mileage, but they have a couple of Vettel's engines left with mileage on them ... which could be interesting in the heat of Brazil and Abu Dhabi. I'd really like Schumi and Ross Brawn to come away with some good points from the last couple of races - I do notice how much Schumi seems to be enjoying himself recently. :)

At the last Grand Prix, Eddie made some remark about trying to talk to Schumacher on the grid but not expecting a response, and Schumacher was positively forthcoming. Not that Eddie apologised!

He does appear to be enjoying himself and is perfectly relaxed.

I doth believe that is the most unusual lil_shepherd icon I have ever seen. lol

Haven't you seen it before? It's my standard F1 icon, though I didn't make it. Mind you, I usually post F1 comments in the f1 com. Like many others, I'm something of a tifosi.

The one above is my newest acquired icon which I intend to use for comics related reviews.

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