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I hate cats - oh, and dogs too.
I have been trying to clear away things stacked in my room. Most are useless and can be thrown away. They include bills from 2002. They have also been peed over by c-a-t-s. One of whom was also copiously sick on my bed, having eaten something he shouldn't. One of these cats has to be pilled every day, and disappears the instant she sees me. I did pill her this morning, though. Another has to be pilled ever 36 hours and is starting to refuse to take his pill in beef, the way he used to. More problems.

On the other hand, Ina has sorted out our tools, which is helpful. We do have a lot of rather good tools, some inherited from our various parents, some bought specifically.

Oh, and the appalling dog chewed my mobile phone.
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I gave up hiding pills in food partway through the broken leg episode and moved to - show treat, take pill(s), get treat. Some of the pills were definitely not appreciated, but I think the untainted treat at the end helped get rid of the nasty tastes. ;)

'Cept that the cat pilled every day (Xolo) can take or leave treats, and the 36 hours cat doesn't like treats either - the beef is the only thing he likes. *sigh* And because it is his mouth that is the problem, if he doesn't get the pill he hardly eats anything...

Bad luck with the cats :-( Wouldn't you think that pills could be made soluble, given that most animals aren't keen on taking them?

But Draco really needs to learn some manners - doggie chews are for chewing, mobile phones are not!

We make a count of how many pens Draco chews per week.This is why I have taken to buying Tesco's ten-for-60-pence biro packs.

It is all attention seeking, of course. Most of our "hoofer doofers" have teeth marks in them too.

Oh dear. Poor Lil! I have just had to pat our two cats, who do both occasionally throw up, but always on floor and usually on tiles, and that is their only naughtiness. I only appreciate how good they are when reading posts like these!

Well, they are wonderful too. We ended up with too many of them, which is what happens when you breed and show. They are also getting old.

Except for the d-o-g who is a delinquent teenager - I always said we should never have a terrier, and look what we ended up with!

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