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Happy Dogs Are Happy
More for Draco's friends.

Poodle in Flight

The poodle was a new friend.


This is Jack, who is the same age as Draco, and they have been friends for ages.

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The poodle is a great capture - all that light and movement!

Thank you. Pure accident, but the result is very pleasing.

Great pics, adorable doggies.

Lovely pic of the poodle! And the Jack Russell's a handsome little chap.

Fred, Bigtitch and I saw a gorgeous labradoodle last weekend when we were on the Alan Garner weekend.

This being the rich edge of rural Essex, the place is crawling with labradoodles - in particular, an appalling pair of cream jobs who are only too willing to chase Draco in circles. There are more Jack Russells and twice as many oversized-staffies/pit bulls/American bulldogs as all the others put together, but I meet three young Douge de Bordeaux quite often, not to mention all the Siberian Huskies, Anatolian Shepherd Dogs, and so on which crowd the woods and parks. You name it, we get to see it!

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LOL! My brother has a very good-natured curly-coated retriever, which he walks along the sea front in Bexhill. He keeps saying he's going to have cards made to hand out which say: "No, he's not a fucking labradoodle!"

We could do with some of those for Draco -

No, he is not a Miniature Pinscher or a Dobermann who has shrunk in the wash.

If he is anything that has shrunk in the wash it is a Manchester Terrier, but the correct term is English Toy Terrier (Black and Tan) or Manchester Terrier (Toy) if you happen to be American.

In fact, the first cross that went into the Dobermann (which is a manufactured breed, a tax collector's designer dog) was, apparently, Manchester TerrierxWhippet, with Rottweiler added later.

Thank you for your time.

Jack is a veyr handsome boy.

Isn't he?

I took that photo (and a number of others) because his owner asked me to do so, having been told by Beigel's (Beigel is the little Yorkie/Chi cross whose photo I blogged last week) owner about how much she loved that photo, which her daughter had found on Flickr.

Beautiful photos! That shot of the poodle is brilliant.

What beautiful dogs (especially the poodle. I have a weakness for poodles, especially standards).

And isn't it odd that, after all those years of the showing fraternity fighting to keep docking, you hardly notice that modern poodles are not docked!

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