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BBC/Benn Song List Meme
Mitch Benn's Proud of the BBC has gone pretty much viral on my flist. If you managed to miss it, it is here..


communicator has typed out the full list of programmes and people mentioned in the song. So a meme is born. Bold the ones you love, cross out the ones you've never seen or heard. Via white_hart

Toni Arthur
Brian Cant
Adam Adamant
Postman Pat
Blackadder Bolded for season 2
Yes Minister
Later with Jools Holland
Pride and Prejudice
Hitchhikers Guide Bolded for the radio version, series one and the special only.
World Service (I listen to this an awful lot.)
Stuart Lee
Mr Benn
6 Music
Horrible Histories
Dennis Potter (Some of the plays.)
Quatermass Scared silly by these as a child, scared silly again when shown at one of the Brighton worldcons, and still scared silly when acquired the DVD box set (though a lot of the Experiment is missing and will never be found.)
Two Ronnies
The Thick of It
Radio 3 (I've heard some cracking plays on Radio 3 - the full West End cast version of Arcadia for instance.)
Open University (I would bold some of the productions, but not all.)
Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo
Round the Horne

Goon Show
Blakes 7 (I would once have bolded and underlined this - but then there was Season 4.)
Dick and Dom (Unfortunately)
Last Night of the Proms
Gardeners' Question Time
Last of the Summer Wine
Steptoe and Son
The Young Ones (Hated this)
Edge of Darkness
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Letter from America
The Mighty Boosh
I Claudius
Absolutely Fabulous (Another one I never liked.)
John Motson
Red Dwarf
Our Friends in the North
Culture Show
Woman's Hour
Charlie and Lola
Alan Partridge
News at 6 o'clock
Live Aid (You couldn't avoid seeing bits of this on TV, despite all our efforts - and we could hear the base line from the our home in Wembley Park.)
Likely Lads
Michael Palin
No ads
This Life
That's Life
Life on Earth
The Good Life
Captain Pugwash
Tony Hart
Til Death do us Part
Ken Bruce
News Quiz
Keeping Up Appearances
Who do you think you are?
Kirsty Wark
Jeremy Paxman
Fireman Sam
The Ascent of Man (though there have been better BBC documentaries on this subject.)
One Foot in the Grave
Xander (Armstrong) and Ben (Miller)
Rob (Webb) and Dave (Mitchell)
Antiques Roadshow
David Attenborough
Bruce Forsyth
The League of Gentlemen (Though this is another 'comedy' I've never found funny, even on the radio.)
Have I Got News for You
Hairy Bikers
Being Human (Though how I've missed it I have no idea.)
In the Night Garden
You & Me (Me & You)
Monty Python
Doctor Who
Top Gear (Best comedy on TV.)
Ivor the Engine
Formula 1 (Welcome back to BBC coverage.)
Blue Peter
Swap Shop
Five Live
Top of the Pops
The Archers
That Was The Week That Was
The Goodies

Songs of Praise
World at One
The Day Today
Sorry I Haven't a Clue
Not the Nine O'Clock News

Mr Men
East Enders
Bottom (God, that was awful.)
Gary Lineker
Radio 1 (Though not a lot.)
Radio 2 (Not a lot but more than Radio 1)
Ripping Yarns
Johnny Ball
Test Match Special
Perfect Day
Radio Active
Howard's Way
Jeremy Hardy (... Speaks to the Nation. Yay!)
Final Score
(everything on)BBC4 (Go BB4 documentaries!)
Only Fools (and Horses)
Sky at Night
Shooting Stars (Unfortunately)
Pete and Dud
Life on Mars
Radcliffe and Maconie
A Bit of Fry and Laurie
Children in Need Appeal
Douglas Adams
John Peel

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I think I can lay claim to most of those.

What surprises me is how many I've actually heard of over here.

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