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In the garden this morning, we found this cricket or grasshopper (I suppose I ought to go and identify it) on the door frame.


ETA: It's a bush cricket of some kind... ETA2 Possibly a Speckled Bush Cricket

And this is one of my favourites of Draco's doggie friends. He is the most gorgeous and friendly Yorkie/Chi cross.

Yorkie/Chi Cross

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What a beautiful little dog!

He's utterly gorgeous, and about a third the size of the LDD.

Cricket wins the beauty contest hands down!

Aw, that dog looks totally adorable! Lovely pics :D

Draco's doggie friend is adorable! His eyes remind me of my Pogo's.

Speckled Bush Cricket Leptophyes punctatissimma. An adult female, as shown by the ovipositor (the big swordy thing sticking out of its arse). Very common in gardens, attracted to light and frequently ventures indoors.

Not quite totally harmless, since apparently they can bite if provoked. Though to provoke one you first need to get hold of it, which can be challenging. The few I've handled have shown no interest in nibbling me.

Anything that ventures into our house has to deal with eight determined feline hunters...

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