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We haz
We haz gas.

We haz a new supply pipe.

We haz a moved meter.

We haz cooking facilities.

We haz hot water/heating - but only after I'd spoken to our heating engineer and lay on my stomach for ten minutes trying to light the boiler. Finally, the pilot lit and stayed on. I win!

We also have two holes (Flanders and Swann, as named by aunty_marion), piles of rubble, our very own 'Diversion' and 'No Smoking' signs, along with lots of white barriers, no use of our drive and a building corner with a hole in the bottom wall.
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Hide some of the white barriers away, they make great snowboards / sledges. You can see the evidence at the bottom of our hill every winter.

Excellent news! Lack of gas facilities is something up with which one should not put...

I'm just happy we didn't explode.

Glad to hear it - hopefully nice new pipes will mean no future leaks, as well! Are the cats back in the house out of the run yet?

Cats have been out of the run and in again and out again since yesterday. We have now discovered that Zara hates to be alone in the run, just as she hates to be alone in my bed...

Hurrah! Well, other than for the detritus. It all sounded very unpleasant, and I hope it's properly sorted out for good now.

Until a few weeks time when the old boiler comes out (along with tanks of various flavours) and a new one is installed.

"There's a hole in the bottom of the wall,
There's a hole in the bottom of the wall,
There's a hole, there's a hole,
There's a hole in the bottom of the wall..."

("And there's a pipe in the hole in the bottom of the wall..." (etc))

Good to know the direst part of the emergency is now over. Wonder how long you'll have Michael and Donald?

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