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It's One O'Clock and I Should Be at the Hairdresser
Ina and I had back to back appointments with our hairdresser in the village today at 1pm. However, we now have fitters working to put in a new pipe and (of their own accord) move the gas meter to a much more viable position on the floor rather than hanging in mid-air, which will mean extending some pipework. (Next door got their supply back at 1 am.) Someone needs to be in the house, so hopefully Ina can rearrange my appointment.

The holes in the ground will not be fixed for some days - until the clean up team comes round. (I can't help remembering the short-lived Marvel comic about a team who cleaned up after super-hero fights. I never saw a copy, but would have been interested to see how they handled it.) This will seriously annoy one of the guys on the other side of the road, who is already complaining about the noise and is even more unhappy about the thought of mud. (The spoil is almost pure London Clay with large bricks - and the odd root or wire - embedded in same.) So much for Hainault Forest being on a gravel ridge. Actually, it is, but you wouldn't know it in the developed or farming areas.
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