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Long Suffering So-and-sos
Last weekend we took Flash as an example to a GCCF judges' seminar at Alcester, where he was charming and made lots of friends for himself and the breed. However, as always, Draco went too, and couldn't come into the hall. This meant that, apart from a walk in a local natural reserve and some time in the town, we spent some time sitting in the car.

Go on then, drive, I dare you.


Most of the time, though, he was on my knee...

In the driving mirror

Then yesterday we went to a small cat show (as detailed below.) I have to say that not all the cats were quite as utterly fed up as this pair...

Bat Cat

If It Moves I'll Bother to Kill It

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That first cat is all 'put me down, bitch, I'm going to rip you face off'. I haven't seen that much disgust on a cat's face before without water or costumes being involved.

And the second is saying, "I have such a hang over, I'm seeing Orange Spiders. Can I barf here?"

Draco is quite a handsome fellow! Much better-looking than his namesake.


When Ina bought Draco (or Yarrum Black Diamond, which was a heck of a name for such a tiny pup) I asked her why she wanted to name the pup after such a little shit. I am still waiting for a satisfactory answer...

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