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Foodie Blogging
We took Draco for his usual walk this morning, and came back to find an e-mail, sent last night, from the person who is working on getting the Caramel Oriental breed its championship status with the GCCF. I'd spent some time a couple of weeks back trying to find enough info on Ross's show career to help with this (his pedigree, the judges who had given him Intermediate Certificates and the shows and dates involved, and some published critiques both for ICs and in side classes.) Anyhow, the e-mail said we hadn't put our address or signed - electronically - Ross's pedigree. It also pointed out that we could give C. a signed pedigree at the Tabby Point Siamese and Progressive Breeders' Cat Club show, which was on today. A quick check told us it was at the Memorial Hall at Wheathampsted, so we headed over there with a signed pedigree.

Once there, we had a look at the cats, and took Draco for a walk. In Wheathampsted there is this great butcher's shop and we ended up, amongst other things, with two wonderful venison steaks. Tonight, I made rosemary and garlic roast potato wedges and grilled the steaks (four minutes a side) in the grill pan, and added a small salad. The result was divine. It was plainly going to be so good that I opened a bottle of Brian Barry's Clare Valley Jud's Hill 1998 Cabernet Sauvignon to go with it. When we tasted this as a young wine it was deep and liquoricey, but after cellaring it had gone bone dry and complex, though that touch of liquorice is still there. We have at least two more bottles of this and it needs to be drunk this year. Yay

There may be the odd cat photo tomorrow.
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That sounds like a good day.

And I have noted the recipe for venison steaks. How well done do they come out? Or perhaps I should ask: how well done do you like your steaks?

I like my venison (and my beef steaks and lamb) pink in the middle. These steaks were about 3/4 of an inch thick. Fillet steaks can take 12 to 15 minutes. The grill pan (which is a cast iron one) was very hot, and the steaks brushed with olive oil and black peppered and salted.

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