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Bloody LJ
Today, I have muttered furiously at LJ, checked a script to counter their latest foolishness (I do love the way that some hacker or other will have worked out a counter-plan and made it available within hours), loaded the add-on that would allow it to run, and run it. Not sure it will stop people sending their comments from my LJ to bloody Facebook though.

Then realised that their messing about had mucked up my theme. Tried various counters. Failed. Spent lots of time choosing a new theme, and found that one that I liked best had also had its base mucked up. Spent ages choosing another theme. Then found it wouldn't let me have more than ten entries on a page. Bugger.

Finally found a theme I can live with that lets me do what I want.

Three quarters of a day wasted.


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Can you provide a link to what you found?

I'm seriously thinking of going to friends-only with LJ's latest stunt.

Unfortunately, it only cleans up the stupid boxes and stops them coming back.


It will not stop people posting their comments to Facebook from inside your journal. I am sure that your flist is much too sensible to do any of this. I hope to hell mine is.

The trouble is, if you're accustomed to using 'tab - enter' to post it's pretty easy to do it accidentally, since the idiots have set it up so that you now have to go 'tab - tab - enter' instead; just single-tabbing crossposts the comment. I'm not on FB myself and don't use the tab method but I'm sure lots of other people are and do, and it's all too easy to slip up without the slightest intent to do so.

This is me, promising not to crosspost.

I feel the same way you do.

I'm pretty sure I have it turned off. Actually I'm *pretty* sure LJ doesn't even know what my FB *is* which is how I want it.

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