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Monkey Business
Yip! Yip! Yip!

Tales of the Gold Monkey is available on both Region 1 and Region 2 DVDs. Admittedly it is still expensive (£45ish on Amazon and Play) but this is one of the last US series that I have been waiting for. (Now we just need Garrison's Gorillas and Automan for Ina.)

Flying! South Sea islands! Nazis"! Fantasy! Roddy McDowell! Even a little dog. What more could one ask?

(Actually, what I liked about it is that all the typical-of-this-genre stupidities were normally explained by the scripts. Just as you were screaming, "Oh, come on, tigers on a South Sea island!" there would be an explanation as to why there were tigers on a South Sea island.)

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I'd completely forgotten that series. Used to watch it too!

It's one of the half dozen series in which I've committed fan fiction, but only because I thought what it needed was Cthulhu mythos.

And now you mention it, that's exactly what it needed!

(And I'm thinking I need some kind of Lovecraft userpic.)

I seem to remember liking that :-) Shame there wasn't more made.

I agree, but at least we have one full 22 episode season.

Larry and I watched it. I seem to remember it went off the air for really stupid reasons, too.

Anything with Roddy McDowell is a keeper.

I seem to remember that there was controversy over its cancellation, but the details escape me...

I loved this series but had completely forgotten about it until someone else told me it was available on DVD a few months ago.

That's a hell of a pricetag, though! I never understand this... are the *wanting* people to pirate it or file share it?

Actually, that's just over £2.00 an episode, and the reviews suggest this is an excellent transfer with a extensive episode guide. I may wait until it comes down a little, though.

'There's a little one eyed dog who sits beside the Monkey Bar,
There's a red amphibious aircraft at the quay.
There's a greasy garbed mechanic who dreams of a cold beer
While a waiter in a wheelchair serves him tea ...'

As it's one bark for yes and two for no, I have to assume that was a 'yes, yes, yes!'

I picked the set up on its release (after a false start or two) and it's a real delight to have crisp, clear copies at last.

The tigers. of course, were easy to explain away. The reasoning behind the giant monkeys, the egyptian pyramid and the diamonds from King Solomon's mines was a little harder to swallow ... but wonderful, wonderful fun all the same!

(And if you still have a copy of your TGM Cthulu fic lurking somewhere, I have just to website to put it on ...)

It was on the internets, but has now vanished, long gone with geocities. However, scanning it would take no time at all (when I find the copy of Enigma it appeared in.)

I would be happy to let you have it when that process is complete. (Ina also did a rather nice illo, I seem to recall.)

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