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Not amused
Ina has just taken the LDD downstairs and away from me, which is just as well, as the little brute just jumped on my keyboard, dislodging (and, breaking) one of the keys. Luckily, it's the Alt Gr key, which I have never used and never known how to use, but all the same, this is a new laptop and I am not best pleased. If the number of pens he eats wasn't enough...

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Oh LDD ... I know how you feel. When Cookie was younger she valiantly saved me from the evils of my new BOSE headphones by eating through the cord. Their cuteness outweighs their evil, though. Usually.

Ah. That's Zara, one of the cats, who has chewed through the cables of two pairs of headphones, three mice wires, two computer cables (luckily on the right side of the transformer) and the wire of a DAB radio. This, despite constant vigilance - and that many wires are now wrapped in insulating tape.

Is the key actually broken, or just popped off (I'm sure you know the difference, just hoping that it might not be that bad ...) ... though if it's a new laptop, hopefully they will send you a new keycap if that is all that is broken (under warranty)

I only use the AltGr key for *one* thing ... AltGr+4 is the Euro symbol (oh, and on my full sized keyboard, it's the vertical split bar symbol on the top left key (the one with back quote and hanging dash).

What seems to be broken is the square of thin black plastic into which the keycap locks.

damn ... and while using superglue would be something I'd try if it were an old laptop, but as a new one, you don't want to be without it ...

... sorry to hear that.

I'm afraid that my language was not-in-front-of-the-children.

I have come to know that small dogs are insidiously evil creatures (even when adorable). Pogo decided all the stuffing had to come out of the first gift, a teddy bear, that Larry ever bought me. Pogo is on my excrement list for the foreseeable future ... or until he jumps up and leans against me, at which point I turn into mush. Cold mush, but mush.

My sympathies about the teddy bear. A superb dachshund puppy toy that had been bought for me in Germany when I was two and a half was lost to the teeth of our first dog, and the last thing my mother bought me (also a stuffed toy) was peed on by the cats...

But the little dogs are cute.

I do occasionally feel like Charlie Brown, though I'm sure Ina thinks I'm more of a Lucy...

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