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Mark Gattiss
Does not appear to do any research and can't write internally logical plots for toffee. But I already knew that, having made the mistake of trying to read one of his historical detective novels.

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(Deleted comment)
I've never got beyond page 25 of any of his crime novels. His Dr Who scriptwriting appears to be all tell and no show.

It seems, really, that if you don't care about research and plotting you like Sherlock, mainly for the craic, the in-jokes and what's-his-name's cheekbones.

I think I shall give it a miss *g*.

It is noticeable that the person who summed up the problems with this series much better than I have is desperance who is a writer, and, has, I believe, written detective fiction under one of his many aliases.

Ah, yes! I've read some of his crime fic . . . And he has a most entertaining LJ!

He's a lovely bloke.

I first became aware of him when he was on a Chalet School panel at an Eastercon....

This was actually SOOO much better than his Who scripts that I'm assuming Moff covertly wrote half of it..

Well, yes, I hated his Who scripts too. On the other hand, the mass of gaping plot holes and appalling research were all too obvious.

I gather from the comments he's done Who as well. Am I right in remembering he did the 11th Dr Daleks one?


Also The Unquiet Dead (10 and Rose meet Charles Dickens) and The Idiot's Lantern (10 and Rose prat around with nasty television broadcast at Queen's coronation.)

Gatiss is a Who fan from waaaaaaay back, just like RTD and Moffat. However, he dabbles all over the shop as writer, actor, producer and comedian. I can't think, off hand, of anything he's done that I think is good, though.

Ah, so Sherlock's Great Astronomy Gaff annoyed you too, did it?

Oh yes! And I wasn't even really watching. Housemate inamac insisted on watching

(and her liveblog of it


find a lot more errors)

and she'd got bored and left the room to take the dog for a relief break during this particular sequence. (See the comments to her post.)

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