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Catching Up
It's been an interesting week.

Wednesday saw my father's funeral in Sheffield, and proved my family is more conventional than we'd like to think, as everyone from me down to my three month old great nephew were clad in black, with the occasional touch of grey and white. A number of his friends (all female) from the various dining clubs he belonged to turned up, as well as various Sheffield-based cousins at long remove.

Friday saw a big bust up with the builders concerning the windows to the ex-garage new utility room, during which I refused to be bullied. This seemed to work, because they've ordered the windows we actually wanted.

During the weekend I wrote like mad, and by this morning had finished and printed out the rough first draft of Cold Justice. I am now in the process of the first check of the printout to see if it makes sense and (of course) picking up all sorts of typing errors. Actually, I like this part.

Yesterday, I paid the Solicitor's bill (ouch), wrote various letters, and started getting back to normal.

Maybe now I can catch up on my reading...

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Thank you! Missed all of you while I was in Sheffield, and laptop less (because I knew I wouldn't have time to get online.)

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