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Ten minutes into 'Sherlock'
And it had better bloody improve if I'm going to watch a second episode.

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Am recording it, as I'm still following the Chat and trying to write a bit (mostly failing).

I have not seen this yet but my mum was intending to do so - will pass on feedback.

I forgot it was on in all today's fuss and bother. A friend has just texted to say they'd really gone for the slash/gay angle . . .

Hmm, I don't know. Honestly I've seen slashier things. They had a running joke of everyone assuming they were gay, which I think is what the Daily Fail was freaking out abut yesterday (apparently the speculation about his sexuality will come as a shock to fans of Holmes according to the reviewer. As the first comment on the Holmes comm I was on said 'there are versions where they're not gay?') While I would definitely slash it and think it has potential, I think Pros was slashier.

I really liked it. i thought the characterisation of Holmes and Watson was spot on. Liked the twists they put on it to make it fit the current era, especially what we found out at the end about Watson's wound (trying not to spoil anyone in the comments here) which was a nice twist on explaining ACD's utter inability to remember where he shot the poor guy.

Not sure Lestrade was how I imagine him but frankly ACD never fleshed him out much so he is a blank slate anyone can elaborate on. And I liked him even if he wasn't how I imagined him. Was pleasantly surprised by Una Stubbs who is *nothing* like I think of Mrs Hudson, but did a good job.

And they're actually about the right ages for once, which was nice.

I'd better watch it soon, then :-) Have it recorded, cos i wasn't quite in the mood at the time.

Am working on my scifi bigbang right now, which is a steampunk Holmes AU version of Study in Scarlet lol, so I've reread the original recently and was amused by the references (and direct quotes in some places).

I couldn't agree with you less about the characterisation. ACD's Holmes was far more of a real action man, and far, far more practical. Watson was far more decent. Both men were gentlemen, not louts. (House and Wilson are closer in character.)

Mycroft was silly.

Actually in Study in Scarlet Holmes isn't even keen on the idea of going to a crime scene as he says he's too lazy. He prefers to have detectives come to him and solve their crimes without ever leaving his rooms. He becomes more likely to chase down criminals as the books went on, but then he did that tonight when he was chasing the cab and at the end (I was going to be more specific but I really don't want to spoil anyone).

And I'm not sure what your point about them being gentlemen was. I didn't see them doing anything particularly rude tonight other than some of Holmes' dialogue, which in terms of snark and mockery is pretty much on a level with the books, especially towards Lestrade. He is quite quite rude to both Lestrade and Watson in the books, but they both seem to realise that it's just Holmes. In fact his interest in the murder in Study in Scarlet is mostly because he knows Gregson and Lestrade will both be investigating and he expects them to be competing with one another. He is quite dismissive of the way Gregson will privately admit Holmes is hiss superior but won't admit it publicly and that if he works with the Yard he does the work and they take all the credit.They weren't using a Victorian level of etiquette but, like the calling each other by first names not surnames thing, that was because it would have looked stilted and highly out of place in a modern setting.

I notice you say nothing about Watson.

Holmes's attitude to the police tends to be as master to servant, and that's how he talks to them.

...but alas, not. Just so bloody obvious, all down the line...


So bleeding obvious, and so dreadfully slow.

(Well, you do write detective stories, don't you?)

I really liked it... but I liked the Ritchie film too - which puts me majorly in the minority!

I liked that film, too ;-)

BTW, just posted some Nick/Jenny (mostly gen) if you're up for it.

Lol you should talk to Lucas. She loved the film. I have a serious aversion to RDJ in any role so it rather spoiled it for me since I want to turn over whenever I see him. Loved Law in it though; thought he was a very good Watson.

The film was much better. At least it moved at a decent pace, and Jude Law's Watson was wonderful.

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