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Singapura News
Great news from a friend and fellow Singapura breeder. One of her cats - to wit, Goldlay Worththewait, aka Crystal, has become the first Singapura Imperial Grand Champion, and this in less than 13 months from the breed getting its Championship status.

link for piccies

For those who don't know, this means winning three Champion Certificates from three different judges, which entitles you to enter the Grand classes, where any breed is up against others of its Group. In this case this means all the Foreign Group except the Five Original Foreigns (Abysinian, Russian Blue, Korat, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex) and the foreign is a B-I-G group. You then have to gain three Grand Champion Certificates again from three different judges, against cats who are also Champions and may be Grand Champions too, since you aren't barred from lower classes no matter what you've won. After that, you enter the Imperial classes. For those, you have to be a Grand Champion, and the class consists of all cats from the Foreign Group. (If you were in Siamese or Oriental, for instance, it would be cats from both Groups.) To get your Imperial title you have to win five certfications from five different judges, beating all the other Grand Champions from other breeds.

The other hurdles to jump consist of the fact that you can only enter your cat every two weeks, and the shows are spread across the country, and they may very well have booked a judge who has already given your cat a certificate, or who doesn't like your type of cat anyway...

Well, it isn't easy. We think we are the first of the breeds who gained Championship status in June 2005 to have cat reach Imperial status (and there are two others nearly there.)


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