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Bricks and Mortar
We have just received a letter from the head office of the company that is about to convert our garage saying they will start some time next week. Last we heard, they were tied up on a project that was taking longer than they thought, and they'd give us at least a week's notice, which we need to clear out the rest of the stuff.

We also need to talk to them about replacing the downpipe, where they are going to put the drainage, and about holding off putting in a suspended ceiling until the central heating has been completely revamped by another company entirely.

Ah me. Though I have just received Dr Who: The War Games and the John Adams mini-series in the mail, and am looking forward to watching both again - the former, of course, after over forty years...

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I'm a great admirer of both The War Games and John Adams.

John Adams was brilliant. (My memories of The War Games are a bit faded, but I loved Troughton's Who.) melodyclark who is something of an expert on Adams, also has great admiration for it.

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