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Bad news is bad, even when expected.

Py in the window edited

Last year, our senior Oriental Queen, Champion Onapromise Pyanfar, Ross's and Xolo's mum and Kurt's granny, had a growth removed from her chin. To our vet's astonishment, it turned out to be malignant, and we kept a close watch on the place to see if it came back. It didn't, and we started to relax. However, the week before last, when Pyanfar rolled on her back to have her ample tummy scratched, I felt a series of lumps along the line of her nipples. This is very bad news, for breast cancer in cats is 90% fatal.

We rushed her to the vet, and last Tuesday, she went in for surgery. All the lumps were removed, and the tissue sent for biopsy. Today, we had to take Flash for his annual injections and Quillan for his 100 day check on how his mouth is doing. Flash and Quills are fine, but the biopsy results were just in. Cancer, as expected, and a lot of it. She is not expected to survive more than six months at best. For the moment, though, she is home, sprawled on my bed, her adoring offspring in attendance. There is always hope, of course, but she is eleven years old and has had a terrific life. That's the last surgery though, and she will be allowed to live in peace until the pain is too much, then she will be put to sleep.

We still have eight cats, but by the end of the year it will probably be six. Even though it is the two oldest who are under threat, it is still very, very sad.
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*hugs* are welcome. Will pass the cuddles onto Pye, too.

I am so very sorry, she is a wonderful kitty.

Lupin's granny, too. Those wonderful green eyes are hers...

I'm very sorry. But you'll look after her and love her as look as it's possible for her.

So sorry to hear this.


*hugs* At least I've had a chance to meet her (and her offsprogs), however briefly. I'll know who I'm mourning.

I'm so sorry. My first cat, Emily, died of breast cancer when she was about 10 years old.

I'm so sorry to hear about Emily. It's a horrible disease in cats.

One of the worrying things about breeding cats, which we did for about five years, is that, in exactly the opposite of humans, having kittens ups the odds on queen getting breast cancer. On the other hand, Pye adored having kittens, and adored other people's kittens too, so much she would steal them. Xolo's kits always had two mums.

We had a scare with Xolo a few years back, but it turned out just to be scarring. I suppose we hoped it might be the same with Pye...

Honey, I'm so sorry. I lost my own kitty early in the year, and you are losing two. When you've had them so long, there's just no comforting the loss in any real way. At least we have the option of ending their suffering, thank veterinary science, so that her remaining months will be happy and peaceful.

She's had a good innings, and enough kittens to make a lot of people very happy.

I'm so very sorry to hear this.

Thank you, m'dear. You've had enough experience of losing cats of your own to know how we feel.

Oh that's awful news. Hugs to all of you.

Thank you, m'dear.

{{Hugs back}}

oh I'm sorry. She looks full of character


Madame Pyanfar, capa of the Oriental Mafia, she of the swift paw, has character to spare. She's been boss cat since she was less than a year old, and she still is. I expect she will be until she dies.