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I've been carrying the DSLR around recently in the hope that the good weather and the mass of flower - I never realised how evocative of summer the scent of white clover was until I walked fields full them recently - would bring out the butterflies. Unfortunately, I have yet to see more than a couple, and never in a position to photograph. On the other hand, down by the lake, there are lots of dragon and damselflies. These have been, as per usual, very frustrating to try to photograph. However

Black Tailed Skimmer - Male 3

Tentatively identified as a male Black-Tailed Skimmer, for which the timing, habitat, behaviour and location all tie in nicely.

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He's a beauty. Alas, I am awful at Odonata, so I will trust you on the identification!

I await (with some trepidation) the arrival of temeres.

Trepidate not, I'm no expert on these things. But after a quick look in Hammond I don't see what else it can be but a male Black-tailed Skimmer. And a very nice pic of one too.

When it comes to insects, everyone is more expert than me, but you're the most expert on my flist, I think.

Wow. That is an amazing photograph.

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