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Catching Up
Yesterday was one long run around, but we did manage to see aunty_marion and feed her, and clean the house up a bit, and take the dog for a long walk down on Fairlop Plain, where it was windy enough for us to fear for the archery in which Marion was taking part. However, these longbow types are made of stern stuff.

Evening spent watching Dr Who on which more later, but I enjoyed it despite my antipathy to certain aspects such as big gatherings of the Doctor's enemies, especially if they include the Daleks and the Cybermen - though the cyber-head was groovy and quite startling. Then there was the decision to break out one of the bottles of Port that had been lurking in the garage. Declining to open the late bottled vintage, I had a go at the Aussie 'port' (a tawny, it turned out.) Unfortunately, the cork disintegrated (surprise!) which meant finding the butter muslin, finding the funnel, cleaning out a bottle because our decanters have things in them etc etc. Still, it is now decanted, and seems in reasonable shape.

All this meant that I didn't get any typing done, though I am determined to catch up with myself some time today.

Swifts Hunting Over the Plain

The birds are swifts, which were around in quantity - well, a couple of score - hunting low because of the overcast sky. They swooped past within about five feet of our faces. Marion said they came over the archery butts too.

On Fairlop Plain


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I love the light in those.

Not so much fun when you were there!

And particularly Not Fun when those clouds started leaking all over us!

This week's episode was great. Of course, there seems to be a cardinal law of NewWho that goes the better the cliffhanger in the first part, the worse the deus ex machina in the second part that resolves it. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I think River's line about good wizards has to be one of the best lines ever spoken in the entire history of Doctor Who. Not only is it brilliantly genre-savvy, but she says it exactly when the audience is thinking something along those lines. I had to pause the video while I nearly died laughing.

(And, of course, she turns out to have it exactly reversed in the end where the Pandorica is concerned.)

Also, great photos!

My fingers are crossed too, but this is not RTD, so I have hope. So far every reference is fitting together.

It's a good line, but I am wedded to, "I wish Bernard were here, but the British Rocket Group has problems of its own," from Remembrance of the Daleks. Of course, I am more of a Quatermass fan than I am a Dr Who fan...

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