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The woods are full of honeysuckle


And, after spending too much time trying to photograph bees, this insect obligingly posed.

Opps a buttercup!

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Looks like Cantharis livida, one of the soldier beetles. And I know what you mean about photographing bees.

Thank you. I rather hoped you might know what it was.

*Is deeply respectful*

Bees are little buggers. Not as bad as the dragon/damselflies though.

Edited at 2010-06-16 06:19 am (UTC)

Respect not really due. You happened to snap something that is (a) common, (b) distinctive, and most importantly (c) actually in the field guide. I did have to look it up.

I suppose I ought to get an insect field guide, but there are so many of the little so-and-sos... I do have a dragonfly guide, and a butterfly one...

Collins Complete British Insects by Michael Chinery is priced at 16.99 and I bought mine in Waterstones. It is not, of course, truly complete, since it covers less than a tenth of the British insect fauna (about 1500 of an estimated 20,000 species), but it's about as good a popular field guide as you could hope for.

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