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Dr Who: The Lodger
Not normally my type of episode. However, though full of stereotypes, it was witty enough to hold my attention and make me laugh out loud occasionally.

I have problems with most sitcoms, and this kind of episode, which is sort of My Favourite Martian/Mork and Mindy/Bewitched with a touch of Mr Ed (the talking cat that only the Doctor can hear), is not my thing at all. It holds more than a touch of the comedy of embarrassment, which I loathe, but it just about got away with it, mainly because of an effective comic performance by Matt Smith in which he failed to be embarrassed. Incidentally, that psychic paper has an appalling sense of humour.

I missed having Amy around. And this was a very blokey episode (indeed, I would have boggled if it had been written by a woman) which occasionally struck the wrong note with me.

Other than that, there is nothing much to say. The fantasy elements were minimal. It was a sitcom, and a very old fashioned one, but pleasant enough, and even funny in places. After seeing it I have the urge to write Dr Who meets Last of the Summer Wine because the latter was more fantastic, and both feature broad stereotypes. Not to mention the cosy atmosphere.

Hey, why did I sort of rather like this episode? If I can just figure that out...
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Me too. The Doctor's attempts to fit in made me laugh, unexpectedly.

But I didn't think the ending did Sophie any favours, and I don't believe that house had no upstairs...

These things do tend to be Marty-Stus. I liked Sophie, and think she'd be better off with the Orangs.

I rather enjoyed it too - loved Matt Smith's wild hair and the comedy did strike the right note with me. Thought it either good scheduling or nice coincidence it was broadcast during the first England game. Just can't get away from the footie!

Just can't get away from the footie!

We're doing our best!

I (and ExMemSec) enjoyed it. "Reminiscent of Game-On at its best".

I enjoyed it, although the two randoms left me cold. I felt this was one of Matt Smith's best eps yet.

But what is with them sidelining Amy? It's like they can't be bothered to develop her, so they just contrive to have her absent - they've done it twice, at least. I liked her comments when they were there, but I missed having her about.

In this case, it was necessitated by the need not to have her around to advise the Doctor on fitting in, and therefore ruining the whole comedy concept.

As this was originally a comic strip featuring Ten sharing a flat with Mickey, I am amazed that it worked at all.

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