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Fraught ten minutes
gravity works
A starling has been nesting at the bottom of our Golden Hop. Of course, Momma had to decide to kick the youngsters out for their first flight just as I took Draco for a comfort break and ball chase in the garden.

Of course, it turned into a fledgling chase. He was running round with a young bird in his mouth, or chasing after others (I don't think he did serious damage to the one he caught) and I was running after him yelling, "Leave it! Damn you, Draco, leave it!" and Mom and Dad were dive bombing all of us, and the other fledglings were scattering...

Thank Ghu the cats didn't get out (they have been banned from the garden for the duration since Zara got one of the blue tit chicks which had managed to squeeze through the cat run wire last year). It didn't help that I'd just taken Draco's anti-bark collar off, as that might have gone off - as it does, occasionally, when banged too hard by his tag on his real collar - which might have got him to let go. Finally, I chased him inside.

It has gone quiet in the garden now. I do hope all are well.