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You really could not make this sh*t up.
Firstly, the Pope makes an unintentionally hilarious statement about reaching out to atheists (but not to atheists who use, like, irony and sarcasm against the "truth") which causes much amusement but little interest among atheists worldwide, who remember all too well that the Vatican has blamed us for pretty much everything, including the fact that Catholic priests abuse kids. (Mind you, they also blamed the kids.)


(Look, your Holiness, you don't get to pick and choose who you debate with so you can aim at easy targets who want to be nice to you, and we can't figure out who you mean by 'noble atheists'.)

Secondly, the Vatican names the list of apostolic visitors to Ireland. (i.e. a committee of Catholic bigwigs to 'advise' the Irish church on damage limitation how to deal with the child abuse scandals.) This list is composed of churchmen from the USA, the UK and Canada where, of course, there have been no abuse scandals *hollow laugh*. This list includes Cormac Murphy O'Connor, whose hands are far from clean (see http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/today/reports/archive/features/paedophile_priests.shtml) of the cover-up.


I mean, does the Vatican have any idea of how silly and venal they look?

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Does the Vatican have any idea how silly and venal they look?

No, they are too far removed from reality for that. Buthey ARE crapping themselves over falling donations from wealtheri Catholic countries. Having elected a Bavarian Pope, hoping for a continuation of the nice big income stream they receive from wealthy German catholics, they are horrified to see at the way that it is falling there (where the churches are funded via voluntary taxation- you have to choose to opt out). Not to mention the amounts they stand to lose in the US.

No sympathy here. The only way that I could have accepted them dealing with it themselves would have been if they had sent these men to enclosed orders and never allowed them to deal with children again.

Re: Does the Vatican have any idea how silly and venal they look?

I still can't believe that list.

Two of the biggest abuse scandals outside Ireland were in the US and Canada, and then there was O'Connor's cover-up...

(Deleted comment)
I could try and find it for you, but it was one of those apologies-that-isn't if you know what I mean. Really not worth the Googling.

Is this the article you were thinking of?

No. I was thinking of something that had a complete translation of his statement.

This then?

I only skim-read it; I find that trying to actually properly read the witterings of that repellent little gobshite does not improve my mood.

Then please don't Google any more, unless someone is desperate to read it - though I don't know anyone on my flist who wants to and once was enough for me.

If I really wanted to find it again I'd probably try searching Pharygula or Why Evolution is True or Evolution Blog or Richard Dawkins Net, all of which probably had links, but it's not worth the effort.

I mean, does the Vatican have any idea of how silly and venal they look?

Unfortunately, no. They don't. IMHO, they are so far removed from what actually happens in the real world that they would have to have their faces literally rubbed in a pile a shit before they even noticed an odor.

They seem to have successfully distanced themselves from anything having to do with the stated mission of Jesus - you know, feeding the hungry and clothing the naked and visiting the sick and so on and so forth. Instead, they leave that to the workers in the trenches and spend their time worry about "genital activity" of priest applications. (No, I'm not kidding - http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/31/nyregion/31gay.html)

Whether or not you believe that Yeshu bar Yosef was the son of God or not (and, indeed, whether you believe he existed or not) a lot of the philosophy credited to him in the New Testament is unreservedly moral and (more importantly) kind.

There seems to be a tendency to forget these teachings the higher you get in church hierarchy.

does the Vatican have any idea of how silly and venal they look?
Probably not. They've just excommunicated a nun for approving an abortion. The abortion saved the mother's life, but that doesn't matter. A priest can rape dozens of choirboys and merely be threatened with the 'special hell', but let a nun go against the wishes of the archbish and not force a woman to give birth at the risk of her life and she's excommunicated before she can say 'Hail Mary'. I only wish I was making this up.

Yeah, and excommunicated the people who performed an abortion to save a child's life but not the father (literal, not priestly) who raped her. He gets forgiven.

I think I might break the habit of lifetime, get off my backside and demonstrate when Ratzi arrives, at my expense, in the UK.

The vatican jumped the shark a long time ago. (I would say centuries ago, but they lost their ability to hide/defend it this last century or so.) Their continued importance can only be described as an historical aberation which can no longer be attributed to their wealth given - amongst other things - the size of the potential claims against them.

I have considered protesting, but I fear that would only validate their attention-whoring tendencies. Instead I shall content myself with muttering the relevant part of Article 36 malevolently at random intervals during his visit.

Of course, I may yet change my mind. I'll be the one on the news report with the placard that reads, "Bishop of Rome Get The Fuck Out Of My Religion".

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