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Who calls their daughter Ligeia?
This is what I asked while watching tonight's Halloween-and-sort-of-but-not-really-science themed Lewis.

So we took a look at the other names used for the characters.

Ligeia's last name is Willard.

There is a Pickman. And a Renfield. And a Scopes. And a Van Tessell. And an Escher.

The immediate connection we made with Corwin and Hawkin and Belisarius (and I have to admit that my own thought is of Justinian's general) are not quite as transparent. They may have other connections.

Also had fun Googling Clerval (whose first name is 'Victor') and Rawbone and Strickfaden. We still have to find an obvious connection with Trevanion.

My real worry is Roddy Allen... surely not inspired by Roderick Alleyn?

ETA: Just turned up "John Moreau" and "Valdemar Close".

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