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Who calls their daughter Ligeia?
This is what I asked while watching tonight's Halloween-and-sort-of-but-not-really-science themed Lewis.

So we took a look at the other names used for the characters.

Ligeia's last name is Willard.

There is a Pickman. And a Renfield. And a Scopes. And a Van Tessell. And an Escher.

The immediate connection we made with Corwin and Hawkin and Belisarius (and I have to admit that my own thought is of Justinian's general) are not quite as transparent. They may have other connections.

Also had fun Googling Clerval (whose first name is 'Victor') and Rawbone and Strickfaden. We still have to find an obvious connection with Trevanion.

My real worry is Roddy Allen... surely not inspired by Roderick Alleyn?

ETA: Just turned up "John Moreau" and "Valdemar Close".

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(Deleted comment)
It was a bit of a Gothick mishmash, Poe and Frankenstein references all over the place, what with the baddies (who I guessed had an imaginary baby!) putting poor Dr Hobson living in her tomb, and the young man's parting cry of "We belong dead!" I have a feeling the sleeplessness disorder ties in with the same theme, but I can't remember how or where and am too lazy to Google.

The fact that I was chasing down names on Google shows what I think of this particular episode - the Cluedo theme a couple of weeks back passed me by completely, because it was actually a good episode and I was interested in the plot. This one, not so much - or maybe not at all.

Edited at 2010-05-31 07:28 am (UTC)

Oh great, I thought there was going to be some sort of theme to the names (same writer as the Cluedo one) but didn't have a clue where to start, so thanks for this :)

To be honest, I couldn't remember where the name Ligeia came from at first (it must be 30 years since I read Poe, hence the fact that zanda_myrande who has either read him more recently or has a better memory or possibly both, needed to come in about Trevanion, which, when Googled, brings up hotels) but once I was reminded it was Poe, the rest fell smoothly into place. ("Chuck me the Radio Times!")

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