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Zara has another great day.
Saturday was great. We headed down for one of our favourite cat shows, the East Sussex Cat Club show which is held, confusingly enough, at Tonbridge in Kent.

We had only entered our youngest Singapura, Zara (Catomine Classical Cantata), mainly because we had no chance of winning Grand certificates with the other cats we are campaigning under that judge. (Not saying he's wrong about our cats, just that we know his opinion!)

After getting Zara settled we wandered into town and did some shopping, then went and had lunch at our favourite Pizza Express on the little balcony over the river. When we got back we found our little girl had done us proud, winning her CC and Best of Breed. She also won three of her four side classes, and came second in the final class. One more CC and she will be a Champion but that is not likely to happen this year, as we are about to send her to a tom.


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