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Bring Forth May Flowers
The last few days we have seen the meadows and lakes explode into life. Today we were on the Roding Meadows, where I do not have enough photos to do one of my photo tours (but I will so you have that to worry about). However, the dragonflies and damselflies have started to fly.


And the yellow flags are flying on the lakes

Yellow Flag





And a spectacular bracket fungus which we have watched developing in Chigwell Row wood.

Bracket Fungus

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Lovely dragonfly shot!

(Edit; not that the others aren't lovely too! But I know how elusive dragonflies are.)

Edited at 2010-05-23 01:27 pm (UTC)

Thank you.

I am very pleased with the dragonfly shot because they are brutes to get in focus. That one just settled down on the buttercup in the meadow and allowed me three attempts - this one is the only decent shot!

Gorgeous colours! The dragonfly shot is stunning.

Thank you. Dragonflies are plentiful around here, but the very devil to photograph.

You surely do have a winning way with a camera.

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