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Wildlife Observations
Today has been odd.

However, after I'd been to the dentist, we took Little Dog Draco for a walk on Fairlop Plain. Plants and animals we do not see often round here, and everywhere full of white blossom under a wide blue sky.

On the lake, a pair of white-fronted geese had a large group of quite old goslings (oh, for a camera) but a cob swan was plainly in defensive mode and was chasing the geese and the goslings. The geese were wonderful, drawing him away from the goslings and calling them out of the water and onto the bank, where the cob did not venture. The goslings themselves dived often to avoid the swan. However, several had got separated from mum. We would have stayed to watch, but Draco chases birds, and the geese really did not need an attack on two fronts.

We also saw what I think was a shoveler with chicks, unusual around here. However, because I had been to said dentist and was not expecting Draco in the car, I did not have my camera or field glasses, so it might have been anything...

Addendum: Forget to add that the LDD rolled in something unspeakable, was rubbed down with pet wipes before he was allowed in the car, and bathed the instant he got home. He still pongs faintly...

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I do love geese. Why, I don't know, but I do.

Have a couple of photos


White Fronted Goose 2

Because I have fondness for geese too.

Those are lovely. Goslings!

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