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Now, that's a surprise - not.
The New York Times reports that

U.S. Said to Allow Drilling Without Needed Permits

Guess which rig they are talking about. Yes, the one that is pouring oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Apparently, scientists at the Minerals Management Service who pointed to evidence that drilling in the Gulf of Mexico or Alaska might be a tad risky were pressured and effectively silenced.


This is what happens when you politicise a Civil Service or Government Agency. We've seen it happen here, of course, with the National Statistical Office as a prime example.

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Politicization and bureaucratization are the natural evolutionary paths of government agencies.

Only if you don't have a professional civil service capable of turning somersaults overnight. As we certainly did until the last government came in with their political advisers. *sigh*

But will Obama intervene to come down hard on the Minerals Agency like he did with BP et al?

Not a chance.

He's keeping clear of making sweeping comments about the American company involved - to wit, Halliburton.

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