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Nature Observations
There seems to be a lot of stitchwort around this year. The woods and hedgerows are full of drifts of white.

When up in Solihull, there were ramsons - which we don't seem to get around here.


We went for a walk on Fairlop Plain yesterday, and we heard skylarks singing almost at once.

The main event, though, was the number of swifts (I reckon over a hundred all told) hunting for insects over the lake and spiralling up together into the clouds. They were probably on migration and taking advantage of the big hatch of insects that has taken place over the last few days, but it was a stunning sight.

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Lovely photo of the ransoms! I can't remember when we first saw them last year - walking some wood in Devon looking for a prehistoric fort, I think. (And as usual we couldn't see anything - if the wood's wardens hadn't trimmed the undergrowth etc significantly we would never even have been sure we'd found the site. That must be at least the third fort we couldn't find...)

Ransoms have a most distinctive aroma, too - lucky we both like garlic, there were acres of them along the pathways, it felt like.

We have yet to hear skylarks outside of Vaughan Williams. Maybe this summer.

Ransoms? I believe they're called Ramsons (Allium ursinum). And I'm jealous coz I haven't seen any for years chiz chiz ect.

Checked on google, plainly found wrong entries. Mutter, mutter.

In explanation.

Because I don't see them around here either - or, indeed, in Sheffield, where I grew up - I mentally (and plainly wrongly) noted the name on the local wildlife trust signs, then, as mentioned, typed it into Google to check the spelling. Unfortunately, things get misspelled on Google, as here.

Edited at 2010-05-13 07:27 am (UTC)

Lovely. We used to hear lots of skylarks in Leics, too. Though here there seems to be a pair on the airfield.

Fairlop plain was an airfield in the war. It's a decent skylark place. The most skylarks I've ever seen and heard was at Grimes Graves in May.

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