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Dr Who: Vampires of Venice
What a splendidly Old Fashioned episode! . Sumptuous costuming and setting. Lots of running around and pulling out wires. Some hilarious lines. Loved the Bill Hartnell library card. Rory has his moments, but the "Hold everything and explain to me" thing grows old very quickly. I'm not sure what to make of his relationship with Amy at present, and she and the Doctor have a rapport that excludes him, while she does not have one with him that excludes the Doctor.

Thank the Time Lords that the 'Oncoming storm' was a real one. And I loved the Doctor's reason for choosing to go against the aliens - "You didn't know her name."

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It was great fun, wasn't it? Several laugh-out-loud moments, and I liked Rory a lot. And Croatia doubled rather well as Venice.

Yes. Very light-hearted. But there are going to be yells over the fact that the two black characters died, even though they were utterly heroic.

The alternative would have been to cast a black actress as the alien matriarch, and a black actor as her son. There were, after all, only four supporting cast-members in the episode.

Yes. This is something of a problem for PC casting!

It would have been helpful if at least one of the other vampire girls had been non-white (how many ethnic groups were there in 14C Venice anyway?)

there are going to be yells over the fact that the two black characters died

But that seems to be a bit of a running thread in New Who. It's happened in Parting Of The Ways, The Christmas Invasion, and Rise of the Cybermen. And that's just out of the episodes I've seen.

The problem is this.

In this particular episode, there were four major parts - apart from the leads.

Two heroic characters who ended up dead.

Two nasty fishy aliens who also ended up dead.

Of course, as less than ten percent of the British public are persons of colour, this episode could have been cast all white - but that would have caused yells of protest.

So, as each of the two sets of characters listed above are linked, it makes sense to cast actors and actors who look at least a little like each other. So the two heroic characters were cast black, which is just about acceptable for 16th Century Venice (though Shakepeare plainly thought a Moor would be unusual in that city. He was probably equating Venice with his experience of London.)

So, would it have been more acceptable to cast the alien villains black? (They also die.)

Or to re-write the story (which probably was written without skin colour in mind) just to make sure the black characters survive?

It's Sunday and "Doctor Who night" at 7.30pm on the ABC. We're up to episode 3 of the 11th timelord's first series but it looks like there are good things to come, and I'm in a vampire-ish state of mind currently due to what I'm reading and watching.

I did enjoy Rory going "yeah yeah, TARDIS is a different dimension inside" bit though. :)

Lol, yeah. Normally The Doctor is like "of course it's bigger inside, silly humans. Stop making such a fuss".

This time, with the guy going "oh yeah, probably a dimensional thing right?" suddenly we discover that The Doctor was most likely loving the attention all along, teehee!

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