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Who was that?
So here's everyone raving about last night's Who and what was our reaction? Jean turned to me and remarked that there was only one DVD set we'd have to buy from this season... and that one involves werewolves and Vicky and Sarah Jane and K9 and Madame Du Pompadour.

Like many others, I'd guessed the 'Rose ends up in other reality' bit before it started, and the overacted ending (by Piper, not Tennant, who was, for once, reasonably restrained) was really not 'Dr Who' at all. Did anyone else notice the really appalling matte of Torchwood Tower with the Daleks spiralling in to it? (Incidentally, Jean, who has been all over the tower before it opened reckons the interiors were ridiculous. However...) As for that mascara... words fail me.

It was okay. In a "Together Again for the First Time!" comic book sort of way. But it really is fantasy, and not in the least science fiction.

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We had already had the 'well, it kind of works if ...' conversation the previous week, and there was a distinct giggle from the Bicester direction when he gave his version of multiverse theory. Actually that works, so long as alternate universes are created when TIMELORDS make decisions. This would explain why he wasn't rushing to find the timelords in the other dimension when he was there. And some of the other howlers in this season.

I think the most irritating thing is that so often it *almost* makes it - and then there's some plot howler so bad even a 10 year old will pick up on it. Why oh why haven't they hired a script editor who knows something about science?! Or logic?!!

The only eps I have enjoyed this season are the Sarah Jane ep, for I suspect nostalgia reasons, the first part of the devil two-parter (the second part kind of ruined that), and ... erm, I think that might be it. I did laugh a lot when the daleks appeared last week, mind you, but that was a kind of 'oh, he hasn't' sort of hysteria from someone who hasn't been reading the press on the subject.

I can let them off the bad effects - think of the original! - but the bad plotting is just too irritating for words.

As for the ending - if he was so in love with Rose, what was all that with the 'girl in the fireplace' supposed to tell us about him?!

PS I see the alternate Torchwood has better science ...

We have seen the Doctor in love (in 'The Girl in the Fireplace') and he didn't act that way with Rose. I thought, in fact, they had been carefully distancing them - but then I realised that these themes had been sneaked in by writers other than RTD.

He is going to be much less hands-on with 'Torchwood', for which I am profoundly thankful.

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