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Some photos from yesterday...
Flash obligingly posed in very silly positions while washing himself...

Flash Washing 1

while Draco just looked sad

Sad Draco

There are also cows and flowers


Mum and Child

Dandelion Clock

In the Forest

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Clearly Flash has had an dignity by-pass at that moment.
And Red Polls. Lovely cows, red polls.

These are our new Hainault Forest group.

As it happens, Flash is, and Draco can be...

You even make cows look pretty, my friend.

The first flower shot is lovely.

Flash has earned his name. However, he's probably practicing the well-known feline yoga.

And Draco isn't sad. He's just contemplating taking over the universe. He's a terrier, after all.

Flash has earned his name.

He hasn't got much to 'flash' nowadays!

Beautiful photos! I love the dandelion one.

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