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What You Can Find While Looking After a Little Dog
On Sunday, we took Flash to a big cat show (big as in a large multi-breed show plus half a dozen breed shows) all held under one roof at the National Agricultural Centre at Stoneleigh. You don't get many cat shows held on Sundays, but this one had been postponed because of the Big Freeze in January. We had to be there, because of personal obligations, and we had to take Draco with us as we couldn't leave him alone all day, and he had a stomach upset as well. Of course, we couldn't take Draco into the show hall, which meant that one of us (Ina) had to attend to Flash and other show duties, such as manning a club table, and muggins looked after Drax.

You know, it is amazing what goes on at Stoneleigh on an April Sunday. . For a start, there was showjumping.


I would have liked to have seen more of this, but Draco started barking, and these were kids.

Then there was the marching band practice


I have to say, I admired their stamina. They started around ten with marching up and down between dressage-like markers, and by the time we left at four thirty they were still there!

Lean your horns!

I also managed to take in a book fair!

Draco and I also went for a walk beyond the main showground. This took us past the side of Stoneleigh Abbey

Stoneleigh Abbey

and the deer park. Amid the buildings and the cricket pitch and a small unphotogenic lake, there were patches of garden. And this imposing gateway.


Which led into a shrubbery, and, at the end of the path, a dovecot!

Bird house

I've no idea what these are, but I love the shapes!


Oh, and Flash won his Premier Certificate - his first and likely his last, as we really were only there to show willing for our own show.

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Hurrah for fantastic stuff going on unexpectedly, and for Flash, obviously.

They're leguminous seed pods, quite possibly from an Australian or South African tree, as they have that 'look'.

And what a great day! Thank you for the photographs.

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