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Boing! Boing! Boing!
Spring is not only sprung, it is full of itself. In the local woods we have seen our first primroses



Yellow Stars



And, naturally, bluebells.

Draco in the Bluebells 3

While we also have ducklings

Mum's Brood

and tadpoles


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I am filled with jealousy!

But you get autumn at the moment... my other favourite season.

Alas, Sydney is having theoretical autumn: it's still 27 degrees C here during the day, and won't be even cool for at least another three or four days. I miss seasons so very much!

Fair exchange for living in one of the most beautiful of modern cities?

Beautiful in bits. The harbour and parks are lovely, but there is hideous suburbia elsewhere, like most cities. Still, it's raining again this year, so I shouldn't complain! When the only season was hot and arid, it was grim.

All cities have hideous suburbia, but I was very impressed with the city in the (three days only) I spent there ten years ago.

Good to see the bleubells are on schedule.

Ah, a year ago plus two weeks, my brother and I were wandering through a miniature bluebell wood in Sussex (courtesy of National Trust, which wanted £5 for parking, which they didn't get - we did join later in the day, so it was retrospectively free anyway).

Primroses, violets, bluebells and ducklings... ah yes, spring!

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