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Victory of the Daleks V

Victory of the Daleks

Colours to the mast: I am not and have never been a Dalek fan - except for Remembrance of the Daleks which was made of win. Nor am I particularly a fan of Mark Gatiss's scripts.

So no surprise that this is not good as the first two, but there were a number of things I like. The TBO was so much more low key - it felt like a classic Who episode. Amy was, again, utterly wonderful and her relationship with Eleven is even more wonderful. When is he going to learn to trust her properly? Likewise, Eleven is so much more intelligent and so much more in control of himself than Ten. Again, I approve. His alienness is again in evidence.

I am interested to see that the TARDIS never arrives on time now, and think this is quite deliberate, and tied in with the fact that Amy cannot remember the Daleks. There are multiple timelines here, and the ending, with its Dalek actual victory (if a muted one) is a signal that there is, indeed, going to be retconning, of various types. I am all for this!

A decent representation of Churchill, both the good and the bad sides of the man. I have problems with the lights coming on in London as a)most of the windows were blacked out by curtains, and b) I believe the bulbs were actually removed from the streetlights etc. Putting the power back on is not going to make London visible. That's 21st Century thinking.

Otherwise, a very lightweight episode, interesting for its characterisation and the background arcs to the plot.

And then there was V. I hated the original but this is far far worse. The CGI of the jet crashing was some of the worst I've seen the original series. And why has no scientist pointed out - as they never pointed out in the original series - that there is far more water in the outer solar system than is found on Earth. None of the characters have the slightest bit of character, the FBI agent is totally unprofessional, and no-one in the entire series is in the least believable or likeable, and where did the religious bit come from? This is not going to persuade me to get satellite.
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At least the TARDIS wasn't towing spaceships and the Doctor wasn't being Christ-like.

Not a good episode, though I do like Eleven and adore Amy.

I'm just watching a bit of V now. I liked the original better, which despite it's faults was genuinely scary and gripping (at least, I thought so, YMMV, obviously). Am recording The Pacific eps for later viewing.

I liked the Dalek ep - I am a fan of them, always have been since the earliest days. I'm not entirely sold on the new smartie-coloured versions, but the whole thing was great fun, and I really liked Prof Bracewell.

I think you're right about the blackout, though - everyone would have already put up blackout curtains, etc, in anticipation of the nightly raid. Even the cars had blinkers on their headlights. I'm a bit surprised at Mark Gatiss for making that mistake. Anyone who has seen films made in the period ought to know that. (He should watch Contraband if he wants to get a feel of what it was like). Apart from that, it was very good, and thought spitfires in space is pretty barmy, it was great fun to see them. Ian McNiece made a decent stab at Churchill, too, not overplaying him.

All in all, an enjoyable episode, and as I recorded in tp my PC, I may finally get some 11th Doctor icons made :-)

Part of my hatred of the original series is that it degrades the Holocaust by suggesting that that it is aliens who commit genocide. It is humans who commit genocide and we need to remember it!

Nor do I like Marc Singer

That said, I wrote one of my hottest ever slash stories about V - the Series because I had this plot and these were the only characters who really fitted in with said plot.

I did think that Mark Gatiss appeared to have conflated the blackout with a power cut!

My ten-year-old nephew enjoyed it, but then again he likes anything with the daleks in. I was pretty bored, as was my brother -- it felt lightweight and rather superficial. In fact, it felt like a comedy writer trying to do something heavier . . .

I'm still rather liking Amy . . .

Gatiss is not a good scriptwriter and one might as well accept it. Moffat ought to have kept a tighter hold on the script - but this seems to have been a boys' toys fest. Daleks! Androids! Spitfires in space!

That said, there are background arcs and hints and undercurrents that are getting very interesting indeed.

I hope you are right, and that the TARDIS's unpunctuality is going to be a plot point as well as a running joke. I'm not counting on it, though.

I shared your problems with the brilliance of London's illumination. But I had greater problems with the discussion of the use of the Ultimate Weapon, and how it would be wrong to use it to bring the war to an end - and we are talking about the daleks here, nothing else, honestly.

Moffat has stated, repeatedly, that all is not as it appears on the surface, and that there is lot of timey-whimey stuff going on.

Didn't watch either, but I am now about to see how badly they can bugger up The Prisoner.
Apart from even considering doing it in the first place, of course.
How anyone could consider a re-imaging of such an eclectic original and without The Village, is beyond me.
Of course, my love of that particular village may colour my opinion somewhat.


The Prisoner was a highly eccentric original and, as such, should not be messed with.

One remembers The Avengers movie. Not to mention The New Professionals. It is the fate of such to sink without the slightest trace.

Worst ever US TV remake?
Their version of "Red Dwarf" in which Lister was a clean cut all American hero... *shudders*
Wait. There was a *new* Professionals?
Like the *new* Avengers?
Oh dear.
The space-borne Spitfires produced hilarity in our house-what were the props doing, exactly? By then we were in brain-off mode and just along for the ride. I continue to be impressed by Matt Smith, however.

Like the *new* Avengers?
Oh dear.

As far as I can gather, much much worse. the_safehouse has contained recent comments, though it was some time ago. (Long enough ago to have had Edward Woodward in the Cowley role.) Agents, totally indistinguishable. (You can tell that much from the photos.) Cheap. American. For Satellite. Cancelled after half a dozen episodes.

I can't help feeling that most plot-with-daleks which has any chance of being vaguely feasible has already happened. (I do like Genesis of the Daleks, but not so keen on other dalek stories.) Therefore, it just gets a bit... samey, and they're forced into, as emeraldsword put it, the Doctor and his Technicolour Daleks on this occasion.

Was underwhelmed, truthfully, but I do like the timeline etc hints.

parrot_knight has christened them the "dodgem Daleks" which is my personal favourite, though the Net is full of Mighty Morphin' Power Dalek and Tellytubby Dalek jokes.

Not sure that this is what the BBC was aiming at.

The reaction reminds me of that when the Olympic 2012 logo was released, and that hasn't grown on any of us...

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